Moroccan Night Life- Tips to Help You Explore the Moroccan Nightlife

  • May 22, 2020
  • By Tizi Trekking

One thing’s for certain Morocco has a colorful nightlife scene with its lantern-lit streets, live music, and cool discos. From Marrakech’s vibrant Djemma el Fna square to Agadir’s perfect blend of lounge bars, this country has some of the most diverse nightspots in the world.”

Have you ever experience the nightlife of Morocco during Morocco Tours? Believe us; you will get the most fascinating and unexpected experience which can be an unforgettable experience.

Known as the gateway to Africa, Morocco is famous for the Atlas Mountains, Moorish architecture, and bustling souks in its imperial cities.

Apart from this, Morocco offers many things like bars, discos, and cafés, frequently with unrecorded music or hip twirling for the enjoyment retreat nightlife, The party in the clubs and bars of Morocco normally begins around midnight while there are many shows like belly dancing, singing, with other performances takes places from 8 pm to 2 am.


How To Live The Moroccan Nightlife

There are basically three most enjoyable and luxurious ways to spend the night during Morocco Tours.


To enjoy Moroccan Night Life, there are many nightclubs which can make your nightlife pleasurable and enjoyable. You can find most of the modern night clubs in Hivernage. It is also known for enjoying the nightlife with casinos, cocktail lounges, hotel dance clubs and chic global restaurants with live music. 555 Famous Club is the best place for Marrakech for dancing.

Modern-day clubs are normally for the young for ‘hipster hangout’ and well-off business owners, holiday-makers, and Europeans. In Marrakech, Theatro is one of the most popular nightclubs which was a theatre converted to a dancehall where the old stage still in place.

Papagayo Nightclub located in the Tikida Beach Hotel is also one of the most enjoyable places in Morocco. In Agadir, most of the clubs are in hotels, so you have to check out which nightclub is best to enjoy the night through the reviews.


In Marrakech, you can go for Paradise at the Hotel Pullman Mansour Dhabi, one of the most popular party scenes in town.  For nightlife in Casablanca, the best stop is Vanity near the Ain Diab district.


You can find hotels that are hosting the folklore shows with dinner. There are more things you can watch in the medina squares in cities and towns. Live shows like acrobats, live music, belly dancers, and street entertainers are the main attractions you can find in hotels and different clubs until 2 AM of the night. Each night, you can enjoy a number of shows and concerts that go down in different imperial cities.


Cabarets are the places where you can enjoy Moroccan music and watch some belly dancing while drinking beer. In your Morocco Tours, you should attend a “Funtasia” night in which you will enjoy the event surrounded by lavishly decorated tents, singing, and dancing.

Live music

Enjoying the Live Moroccan Music in Marrakesh can give you an exceptional enjoyment and unique experience. You may find reggae, rock, pop, and jazz music, represented by Gnoua and Andalusian musicians in Marrakesh. Other places where you can enjoy music performed by musicians is Palais Chahramane during dining hours or at Jenna al Fna night concert. Inexpensive hotels, you love the synthesizer electronic music in very smoky and empty bars. To enjoy modern music, you can go to the Flamingos club in Agadir which you can enjoy European and modern music.

Live Music

Bars To Enjoy

During Morocco Travel, you have a lot of options to enjoy in the bars with eye-catching décor that cater to both men and women. Nice small bars like Narwama and Café Arabe are the best place to relax in. In El Badi Palace, you can enjoy the terrace providing an excellent view of medina below it and also provide many loungers for the perfect relaxation to the guests.

There are some bars that are bringing the sensuality of Russia to the heart of Morocco in Marakesh. Mariinski is one of the bars that offer the Russian taste to the visitors. You can watch the sultry, sexy, and vibrant shows and dance performances in this bar. Cabaret dancers clad in exotic attire, and interior designed with luxurious baroque decor, intricately carved woodwork, and plush fabric enhance the beauty of bars and providing extensive drinks for you. Rooftop trendy bars like Sky bar and Kechmara are the most romantic spots in the city.

Open 24/7 hours, Pacha is an international, large nightclub with a festive atmosphere. If everything has closed, this is the best place to enjoy. Pacha is one of the best nightclubs and bars in Morocco.

Bars in Marrakech hosts different shows like belly dance, songs, with other entertainment stuff. Bar Churchill, Cafe Modele Bar, Café Arabe is the bars where you can enjoy Moroccan Nightlife with different entertaining activities.

In Faktory’z Bar, you can enjoy the dance move of energetic dancers in balconies and live music throbbing through the air. The three-level bar offers Americana vibe mixed with gleaming chrome, bare brick walls, and glass floors.

In Nikki Beach, you can go to the bars and 555 Famous Club, which attracts international celebrities, and affluent locals. Here, you can enjoy the music, with dance tunes, pop, hip hop, Rhythm and blues and more.

The barometer is one of the best cocktail bars and provides inventive and delicious cocktails and cuisine. With the oriental atmosphere and the giant golden Buddha, the Buddha-Bar is a fantastic bar to eat and see live dance shows with a most beautiful decorated well-designed interior.

Bar To Enjoy

For the most luxurious, high-end, and beautiful bar in Marrakech, Le Palace is the perfect place to enjoy. Marrakech villa, Kosy Bar, Le 68 Bar a Vin, and Point Bar are the casual bars in Marakesh.

Nightlife in Morocco

Moroccan Nightlife can give you an incredible experience during Morocco Tours, especially if you are from the USA or UK.


When it comes to enjoying the nightlife in Morocco, then Marrakech is the best choice for you. This city is not only famous for the bars and clubs, Marrakech also gives opportunities to buy souvenirs or enjoy traditional Moroccan Street food at Jemaa el-Fna, the city’s main square.

Marrakech is the Best Place to Visit in Morocco to enjoy live music, acrobats, and street performers. Marrakech is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Morocco. To enjoy the overnight in dancing, singing and enjoying, Pacha is the best place you shouldn’t miss.



There is no doubt that the glamorous city Casablanca has a vibe of western feel in it. Casablanca is one of the biggest tourist spots in Morocco.

La Corniche district in Casablanca is one of the trendiest districts of Morocco. La Corniche is the home for Atlantic beach clubs, cocktail bars, and terraced restaurants that serve great food. In Brooklyn bar, you can get some of the best cocktails in town. For late-night, you can go to Hyatt hotel. To enjoy the best view of Casablanca, you can head for the Kenzi Tower Hotel.



Known as the 4th largest city of Morocco, Rabat is the capital of Morocco. After a day of exploring the city’s cultural attractions and monuments, you can witness a bit of international influence in Rabat. The SO Lounge is one of the most famous places in Rabat which split into 4 parts – a nightclub, a bar, a chill-out zone with comfy sofas, and an international restaurant.  Go for Amnésia, the best club in Morocco, and enjoy the best of African and Western music.



Agadir is the hottest spot to party in Morocco which offers laid back bars and vibrant clubs. On the coolest streets Avenue Oued Souss and Boulevard 20 Aout, you can find Moroccan bars where you can enjoy in cushioned seating areas and perfectly lit dance floors. As most of the bars close at 1 in this city, you have to switch to a club.



Fes is known as the cultural capital of Morocco and also one of the most beautiful cities in the country. There are many outdoor restaurants across town that provide delicious and authentic Moroccan food with excellent views of the city and the opportunity to watch the sunset.

You can go for Riad Fes, the hottest spot in the Medina. The Alcazar architecture and stucco pillars of Riad Fes can give you an unforgettable experience to be in a palace.


Tips To Explore Moroccan Night Life

When You are With Friends

If you’re with your friends, then it depends upon your taste what kind of music and vibe you like. You can start the party in Morocco with a drink in a bar such as Point Bar or L’envers. You can head for Jad Mahal or Dar Soukkar around 10 pm. At midnight, you can go to any club or bar with your friends. At 3:00 am, heading down to Theatro to find the secret door which takes you to the club downstairs without leaving the building will give you a unique experience.

Night Life With Friends

When you are With Family

If you’re with family, a dance party at a night club or rave is not going to be the best place for you. So, we recommend going for a dinner or a show night in Comptoir Darna or Jad Mahal. These hotspots are known for belly dancers, oriental musicians, African drummers, fire eaters, and a bunch of mascots to keep the kids entertained. The venues are quite exceptional with dim light and thousands of candles spread all over the place.

Let us know which Morocco Destinations you want to choose to enjoy the nightlife of Morocco. If you need any assistance for the trip to Morocco, we are available all time to help you.

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