Morocco Budget Tour – A Detailed Budget Breakdown To Plan Morocco Tour

  • March 28, 2020
  • By Tizi Trekking

Morocco, located on the North West coast of Africa, is the third most populous Arab country. It’s land rich in natural beauty and unforgettable places that are both fascinating to visit and intriguing to explore.

Planning a Budget Morocco Tour? With perfect budget planning and tips for saving money, you will have the most of Morocco Travel on a small budget. Morocco is considered an affordable place to visit. So get set to discover the perfect itinerary and travel guides who can make the most out of your trip to Morocco.

Plan A Overall Budget

The best way to save a few bucks is to have an overall budget. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.


The first basic and major expense of any trip is the flight bookings. And depending on the distance of your hometown to Morocco Imperial Cities, the traveling expenses and costs will vary. Tizi Trekking’s Morocco Private Tours takes this headache and book flights for you at affordable prices and in advance.


Accommodation is not so expensive in Morocco but again you have choices of staying wither in a luxury hotel or an affordable place like a private hostel to crash after a long day of travel. A small compromise on your part will save a lot for you and you can stay for more days and see more Destinations In Morocco. So you decide.


Moroccan Street Food

Again for the foodies, we suggest trying the healthy Moroccan Street Food. Either you dine and wine and spend on extravagant meals or just suit yourself a decent meal that costs you less. But quality should not be compromised with the price. That’s not our motto. You can consult Your Morocco Private Tour Operator to guide you on the best places to eat on the street of Morocco at affordable prices and without compromising your health.


When you are anywhere in Africa water is something you must have in enough stock because staying hydrated and well throughout the trip is a must. A liter of drinking water will cost you 3-6 MAD. You can pile some bottles up and use them when you travel. Especially touring through the deserts can be tiring for some. Let’s face it, not all are accustomed to Africa’s challenging climate.

Relevant tips for Saving Money on Morocco Trip

A Morocco Budget Tour is not that difficult to actualize as we have a list of must-do things for you to save money in Morocco:

Prefer Private Hostels

When all you need is a clean and hygienic room to bunk at the end of the day then why spend on luxury hotels? Let’s take a moment to appreciate the passion and of all the student travelers who have chosen travel even on a tight budget. For those travel lovers, Morocco Budget Tour is anymore a dream. Thankfully Morocco has affordable hostels and cleans comfortable beds to crash on after a tiring day of city tour.

Saving on Flight Tickets

Early birds are always benefitted right? So book your flights way ahead of time. You can also save with booking stop-over flights if there is no time constraint.

Shop less Capture More

Please don’t shy away from buying souvenirs but for the spendthrifts, here’s a warning sign. Check your shopping impulses and save that extra buck. We know this will haunt some people but believe us spend that time capturing memories of the beautiful Morocco cities, ancient Medinas and explore the town. Your throwback pictures will create more buzz than your shopping list.

You can also choose to capture those traditional ethnic Moroccan Arts And Crafts rather than buying it all. It’s really less expressive to put all of those on your mobile phone than a bag.

Aware Of Stranger Preferring Guide

You may get wanderlust in the colorful streets of Moroccan cities and Morocco is known for its confusing alleyways. So just be aware of the fraudulent guides that may take advantage of this. A little cautiousness will help you maintain a budget. It is therefore essential to hire your Morocco Private Tours guides beforehand to save yourself from the fraudsters.

Prefer Local Mint Tea over expensive Alcohol

Meant Tea

Now this will be the wisest thing to do when you are traveling on a budget because it helps you save so much while cutting alcohol off. When on a travel spree, let’s keep the mundane lives of urban life behind where weekend parties are the only way to chill. Here you have so much more to experience so switch to mint tea and stay healthy on the trip. Also, alcohol is not a part of Moroccan Culture so even if some restaurants serve it, the prices are very hefty.

Chose a Healthy meal from a street

Orange Juice at Morrocan Street

Orange juice and egg are nominally priced in Morocco. So for vegetarians maintaining a budget should not be an issue. Sometimes, salad and bread come in as an add-on. Look out for those options. Also, breakfast in most hotels and riads will be free.

Plan Working Holidays

Working Holidays

The best way thing to do is to earn while traveling. Working holidays will let you afford to spend several months living the travel dream, you could even freelance while traveling if you’re able to work “on the go”. The opportunities are literally endless.

Taking Public Transport will be beneficial

Your Budget MoroccoTour is easily possible to accomplish as you use the public transport of Morocco like buses, shuttles, trains that connect to various cities and towns.

Tizi Trekking will design a customized budget-friendly Tour To Morocco for you according to your personal preferences. So what are you waiting for? Choose Tizi Trekking and make traveling to Morocco a wholesome experience.

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