Knowing Best Time to Visit Morocco in 2020, Can give you a Better Experience

  • March 19, 2020
  • By Tizi Trekking

Morocco Is Always Supper Hot? Not really. Except Extreme Summery hot Morocco actually has three other distinct seasons. Being located in the Northern hemisphere, Morocco’s climate is moderate and subtropical which varies with the season and region.

As a country can be visited all year round, the suitability of weather for a Moroccan trip varies according to its regions. The question for the best time to visit Morocco depends upon the destinations that you have chosen for Moroccan trips.

If you have to face the difficulty of the best time to travel to Morocco, and then let us give you brief explanations of weather and ecological conditions for different regions.

The hotness of summer ? Still, you can explore some Coastal Cities and Mountains

In July and August, you will find the warmest weather. However, this is the best time to visit coastal cities and beaches as your Morocco holiday vacation.

coastal city

Planning for the trip to coastal cities like Tangier, Rabat, and Essaouira in July and August is the best month to visit Morocco.

The beautiful design and fortification are the major charms of Essaouira. You can enjoy the port, beach and the dramatic ramparts of Essaouira.

To enjoy the charm of Essaouira town, August is the Best Time of Year to Visit Morocco. You can also enjoy the Gnaoua World Music Festival in June on the beach of Essaouira.

For a scenic sight of series of mountains and relaxing or unwinding by the pool, July and August are the Best Time To Travel Morocco. Avoid hiking and other activities.

Rain is not Too Wet in Morocco – Enjoy the Climate

November will be the best month to visit Morocco if you are the Person who enjoys Cool as well as sunny days.

From November to January is known as the rainy months whereas; in November, Moroccan soil gets the most rain.

Sahara Morocco

You may enjoy the Sahara desert this month, but it is a very bad idea to spend the night in the desert as the temperature drops below freezing in the month of December and January.

Visiting Imperial Cities of Morocco like Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes, and Rabat in the daytime can give you a pleasurable experience. Visit Essaouira and the fertile valley, Berber villages of the High Atlas Mountains in December.

Hiking in the mountains is a bad idea because of the rainy and cold climate.

Winter: Ideal for touring the cities. Pack Warm Clothes

From December to February is the best time to visit Morocco, if you have planned for the Sahara desert and to enjoy the nightlife of Moroccan Cities. Leave the desert after the sunset as it freezing cold.

ski touring

Being Adventure Freak You can enjoy the Moroccan SKI Touring in the Atlas Mountains. Winters in Northern side of Morocco is really enjoyable as the country is in the sub-tropical region.

In December, you can enjoy the annual International Film Festival in Morocco.

In February and March, Marrakech and South Central Moroccan destinations like Ourika valley, Ouirgane valley, Taskerkoust Lake, Tichka pass, Draa valley, etc. are really enjoyable.

Desert tour can be Plan In Spring

Known as the best time of year to visit Morocco, March to May of Morocco offers bright green landscapes with the pleasant temperatures.

This season is best known for traveling in the Sahara Desert. But sandstorms can be quite powerful because of the Sirocco winds.

Sahara Desert

In this case, you need to carry a lightweight umbrella. To survive the cool weather in the desert, you need to carry long-sleeved shirts, pants, jackets, and sweaters.

Overview of What to Expect In Morocco by Month…

Winter and Rainfall

Situated in the Northern hemisphere, Morocco has the winter season from November to March month.

The highest rainfall can be found only in November. You may feel bitter cold at night.

As Christmas time is in there, you should book in advance as the hotels get more expensive and filled up by the tourists during the season.

Pleasant Month for Tourists

The spring season or April to May Month is the best time to visit Morocco as the weather is warm and dry.

April to May is the best month to visit Morocco if you have planned to visit Sahara Tours.

Vacation with the Pleasurable Heat

June to August is considered as the hottest season especially August in Morocco.

Busiest season with a moderate temperature

A visit to the Sahara desert in the morning and night will give you a unique experience.

Do anything at anytime

The month of September and October is an autumn season with a mild temperature.

Moroccan Market

Traveling any region at any time will give you freedom like your familiar places.

Enjoying the stunning view of sunrise and sunset in Moroccan beaches, and Sahara deserts will give you a unique experience.

This is the great season for tourists as it offers suitable weather to travel to every region.

Enjoy Recent Local Events to add values to your Vacation

Rallye du MarocHistorique (23 Mar to 28 Mar 2020)

This event is a moto race from Rabat to Agadir or from North to the south of the country. You can enjoy the impressive fortress on the shores of the Atlantic and water sports of Agadir.

March to May and October to November are the best time of year to visit Morocco for the Atlas Mountains. For the Sahara desert, you need to travel  Morocco between October to April. With the stunning and delightful architecture design of monuments, mosques, palace and other historic places, Morocco is home for the unique cultural experience.

We hope this information will help you with your upcoming Morocco tour. As one of the best tour operators, Tizzi Trekking is offering excellent service with the most comfortable accommodations. Our staffs are well organized and professionally well-experienced to make your Morocco tour successful.

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