Tangier is the gateway to Africa for those going via sea from southern Europe. A standout amongst the most reminiscent places in Morocco, the name Tangier promptly invokes pictures of an intriguing city – brilliant white structures under a hot sun bursting down from a reasonable blue sky, the portal to this much adored kingdom. Its vicinity to Spain makes it a perfect spot to enter Morocco, an extraordinary platform from which to investigate a greater amount of the nation. Tangier has roused individuals for ages with its offering of captivating history, beautiful view and diverse blend of individuals. Regardless of whether you need to invest energy in the flawless shorelines, take a mint tea in one of the bistros where Burroughs and Matisse used to sit, or investigate the old quarter, this is where you ought to invest time, never simply hurry through.


Wander along avenues fixed with whitewashed houses and, similar to Matisse and Delacroix before you, enable yourself to be transported by the fantastic atmosphere of the city. Become mixed up in the back streets of the Grand Socco or remain at the foot of the kasbah’s high dividers to respect the post that rules the medina. A couple of steps away lies the Sultan’s Palace, which today is devoted to Moroccan expressions. Tangier is additionally tinged with Spanish impacts, including a field at the Plaza de Torros, and the celebrated Cervantes Theater worked in 1913.