Essaouira is known as Morocco’s windy city. Situated on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Essaouira is an extraordinary spot to make tracks in an opposite direction from the warmth and clamor of the greater urban areas.

A mix of fabulous shorelines, extraordinary ocean and the practically steady tropical exchange winds has changed this city from a persevering port into one of the world’s most noteworthy destinations for windsurfing, kiteboarding and other invigorating watersports.

The city has a double legacy and this can be found in the compelling dividers that encompass this old Moroccan exchange focus. When a Portuguese stronghold, rusting guns between the bulwarks still indicate out ocean, and there is a sure European feel to the development of the city once known as Mogador.

However, the restricted winding boulevards are loaded up with the sound of Gnaoua singing, ladies in white haiks weave their way through the back roads of the old medina, and palm trees cast their shadows over the dividers of white-washed houses. At its heart Essaouira is, and dependably has been, a Moroccan city.