• February 29, 2020
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Hello travellers! Welcome to the country of mixed scenic beauty of nature and the culture.

Morocco Travel not only offers the beauty of medinas, mosques, monuments, architecture & history but also Morocco Activities offers pleasant view of wild beaches, spectacular Sahara deserts, the Atlas Mountains & the Rif Mountains. Situated on the north of Africa, Morocco is the next door to Iberian Peninsula.

The country is full of breathtaking sights like scenic gorges, dunes, stony desert, valleys, beauty of oasis town, and cultures in the north. Morocco is the perfect destination for adventurous trips as well as cultural trips. Activities like skiing and trekking attract many tourists from every corner of this world.

So, are you excited to explore the paradise of natural and cultural treasure of Morocco in your upcoming Morocco Tours? Let us give you some information about some travel destinations of Morocco.


Morocco Surfing Taghazout

If you are a lover of the nature, then you must go to explore the diverse geography of Morocco. The stunning beauty of Sahara desert with dunes and the spectacular view of beaches can make you breathless which will provide the best of Sahara Tours. Morocco has more than 1800 miles of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Spending time on Legzira beach at the time of dusk and dawn can make your day more valuable. You can also enjoy the Ouarzazate city of Western Sahara.

Activities like hiking, trekking, and rock climbing on the Atlas Mountains are also the major attractions for tourists. Rivers, vineyards, lakes, and forests give opportunities for fishing, camping, etc. to the nature lovers.


The beautiful and great architecture work on the tombs of Morocco shows ancient history and culture of Morocco. You must visit once to enjoy the beauty of cemeteries. You can find the long history in the intricate tombs and cemeteries.

Morocco’s resplendent tombs

The lavish Saadian tombs and Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail are the best example of pre-historic architecture of Morocco. Miaara Cemetery is the largest burial ground in Morocco, is also among the best places to visit.


Basilica of Volubilis

You must travel by one of the fastest train of Africa to explore the Tangier and Casablanca. Mohammed VI modern art museum of Morocco depicts the ruined history and culture of Morocco. You will find the Roman ruins of Volubilis, a predecessor city dating back to second century AD. It is also included as a UNESCO heritage site.


Medinas are the oldest historic parts of many cities symbolize the history of the Arab world. In your Morocco Tours, you will explore the medina of Fez or Fes Ali Bali, the home to mosques, ancient buildings, and the Kairaouina University. And surprisingly, Kairaouina is the oldest higher education institution in the world and has been functioning since the year 859. So, the medina of Fez is a UNESCO heritage site.

Chefchaouen Morocco

Medina of Tetouan is famous for its tie to Spanish Andalucia and medina of Marrakech or “The Red City”, has gained the popularity for its warm ochre walls.

Chefchaouen medina is the most beautiful with its vibrant blue colour set in the country side near the Rif Mountains.


With a great architecture, Morocco’s historic mosques are the hearts of spiritual and communal life. The Hassan II Mosque of Casablanca is one of the largest mosques in the world. The Spanish mosque of Chefchaouen was built in the 1920s. But today, it serves to show the view of blue city.

Hassan II Mosque

In Kairaouina University of Fez, also has a historic mosque in its campus.


Generates from West Africa, it is a trance-inducing genre that can generate your feelings on the base of spirituality and organic. The musicians show moves through dance and music in their performances.

Gnawa Marrakech Morocco

The worldwide famous Gnawa World Music Festival attracts crowds to the Essaouira every year.


As a World’s largest film studio, Atlas film studio is used in making the movies like Star Wars, The Mummy, and Gladiator.

Atlas Studios Ouarzazate

Located in Ouarzazate, this studio also has used for shooting the famous movie “Pirates of Caribbean” Movie of Johny Depp.


Souks are nothing, but a market of fresh produced meat, leather products and home decor. In some souks, you can see the souks specifically for varieties of goods, rugs, slippers, spices, and metalwork.

Souk Morocco

The Habous market in Casablanca is one of the most well-known souks for hand-made goods. The Habous market is also known as a New Medina.

Hammams are the public bathhouses from sixth century, where you should go after exploring the souks. Hammams are categorized as luxury and bathroom. In hammams individuals are employed to scrub and massage to the customers.


Moroccan mint tea is an integral part of everyone’s life. The tea is made of bundle of fresh leaves, herbs, and flowers.

Mint Tea

Instead of being served in a mug, Moroccan tea warms clear glass cups that refract deep green bundles of freshly plucked leaves, herbs, and flowers. A standard order contains generous spoonfuls of sugar, but most likely one can expect a few extra cubes on the side of the saucer.


Learn darija

Don’t forget to learn Darija as it is a Morrocan Arabic language which formed by the mix of French, Spanish, and Amazigh.

In daily communications, people use Darija as a dialect language. So learn little Darija, so that you can speak anything to your friend while watching them stupid.


FESTIVAL NAME – Sahara Music Festival

DATE OF FESTIVAL – Apr 1, Wed, 1 pm

PLACE OF FESTIVAL – Mhamid, Morocco

As Morocco is the country with a mix of nature, culture and tradition, you should experience the world’s most famous upcoming Sahara Music Festival on 1st April 2020 at 1 PM at Mhamid town of Morocco.

It is a new electronic music festival held on 1st April of this year in the heart of Sahara desert.

You can get camping opportunities like classic style to fully luxury camping options. You can do many like quad bike and camel rides.

This festival is going to make you crazy with the DJs and dunes. You will see the, international stars and local Gnaoua musicians. Make your Morocco Tours more enjoyable and get the life time memorable real Moroccan experience.

So, hurry up! Ready to Rock with Tizi Trekking today.


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