From the real avenues fixed with palm trees and tall places of business to the Atlantic Ocean and its view on the world, Casablanca is Morocco’s financial powerhouse. This energetic city is dependably on the qui vive.

Modern constructions mix with enchanting neighbourhoods that reflect Arabic-Islamic legacy and the hints of the city’s pioneer time frame. Set aside the effort to investigate its nuances.

It’s a cosmopolitan spot stuffed with workmanship exhibitions, fine cafés, top style planners and bleeding edge nightlife. In the meantime it’s brimming with striking engineering, for example, the Hassan II mosque and the Mahkama du Pacha.

Casablanca is presumably Morocco’s most acclaimed city, just equaled by Marrakech, yet you can put all highly contrasting musings of Bogart and Bergman aside; this is a no nonsense city that will attract you to its heart.