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Nothing is more amazing than skiing in the snow-covered mountains. There are numerous places in the world where you can indulge in this endeavor. But how about going to some ‘off the beaten track’ attractions? Such as going for Morocco can be a very good idea.

Morocco is the perfect destination for an adventurous holiday! Over the summer months it is full of people who come here from all over the world to practice water sport activities, when in winter Morocco offers spectacular places for winter sport activities such as the ski slopes.

Morocco is the ideal place for an adventurous trip! Over the late spring months it is loaded with individuals who come here from everywhere throughout the world to rehearse water sport exercises, when in winter Morocco offers fantastic spots for winter sport exercises, for example, the ski slants.

Skiing and Trekking Morocco is a great way to see enticing areas surrounding Marrakech and the high Atlas Mountains.

Hence we from Tizi Trekking will help you in performing & enjoying the ski trip perfectly even if you are doing it for the first time. As it is popularly said, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. So if you’re interested, keep reading to the end!

For doing everything perfectly according to the plan, you have to follow the tips that have been given below:-

Wisely Deciding Your Holiday

While planning for your Morocco Holidays, you have to choose if you want to go for a fully-equipped resort or you will be just fine staying in a self-serving apartment with just basic facilities.  Do you your research properly and go through as many reviews as possible before making up with a decision.

Morocco SKI Touring

Get Fit For Skiing

Nobody is asking you for six-pack abs. People with good shape & form can be able to maintain themselves well on the slopes but the same thing can’t be said about the person who is not in the form.

Morocco SKI Touring

Book An Intro To Skiing Taster Lesson

There are numerous ways to get started & getting an intro to Ski Taster lesson is one of them. In case you are not able to practice on your own then you can consider taking a lesson on the first day of your skiing trip. Learning such lessons in Morocco might be costly sometimes but the knowledge will always remain invaluable.

Morocco SKI Touring

Go Through Numerous Online Based Tutorials

The advent of the 21st century has been a boon for millions of Netizens worldwide and that means browsing the net has never been so easier. So you can also follow numerous online media sources such as YouTube tutorials to learn the basics about skiing. Learning from a Pro or an instructor is another good way regarding skiing for your Morocco Tours.

Morocco SKI Touring

Warm-Up Your Body Through Exercises

Before hitting the slopes, it is important for you to warm-up first. Skiing is a sport just like any other and pre-sport warm-up will only help your body to get more flexible for the movements required for performing in this action sport.

Morocco SKI Touring

Choose Wisely Ski-gear While Going For The Ski Touring

Now, time to know about the list of the Ski-gear that will save your life &more comfortable.

Morocco SKI Touring

  • Ski Helmet

You have to ensure wearing the ski-helmet in the right way which means to adjust your chin strap that it fits. The strap must not be very tight or loose and while wearing it you have to be confident that it will not fall off during the sport.

  • Ski Socks

Morocco Ski Touring also requires you to go after numerous other types of gear such as Ski Socks which will help you in covering your lower part of legs & toes from the snowy terrain of the Atlas Mountains.

  • Ski Boots

For people especially first-timers, it gets tricky for getting suitable ski boots and when you do, you might not be able to contemplate how they must feel after wearing them. For starters, it will be a good idea to get boots with a low flex that feels soft. Freshers must avoid flexes of over 80 on the boots & women must look for the flex of 50-60. Men with or without experience must have flex in the boots of 60-80.

  • Ski Poles

Ski pole is an important part of any skiing endeavor& without it, the Ski Touring In Morocco has no meaning. The majority of the ski poles come with a handle strap. You must put your hands through these poles correctly otherwise you will lose the grip on them & might risk losing them in falls or mishap during the sport.

  • Skis

This is another critical component of the gear and it is none other than putting your skies. You need to place them parallel at the flat part of the slope as well as press the back lever of your bindings down. Now you have to also ensure that there is no snow on your ski boots as it can lead to jams in the binding.

Choose Your Clothes Wisely

Choosing clothes for your Morocco Ski Touring won’t be very difficult. Just go for these following layers that will be suitable for you.

  • A Base Layer

Your base layer must be anti-moisture based clothes that will be more perfect for you. All such clothes are cheap, comfortable & come in lots of amusing colors.

  • A Mid Layer

A mid-layer could be anything that will keep you warm such as a running jacket or a fleece pullover as long as they are waterproof.

  • An Outer Layer

It will better for you to purchase good quality waterproof jackets ski jackets for the whole family while going for skiing in Morocco.

  • Good Ski Trousers

You need good ski-trousers that are capable of venting moisture & wetness during your Skiing expedition in Morocco. These jackets need to be waterproof & insulated particularly when you don’t have a mid-layer for your legs.

  • Hat And Neck Warmer

While skiing on the Atlas Mountains, you have to buy hats that are close to your heads & bring it when you get fitted for your helmet. Apart from that, a scarf is all that you need to wear to keep your neck warm.

  • Goggles/Glasses

Next in line is your specialized sunglasses and all such glasses are ideal for protecting your eyes from the snowy cold winds of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

  • Gloves

Skiing is never going to get complete without wearing gloves and hence it will be better if you go for thick ski gloves which will protect you from the sharp edges of skies during a fall or accident.

Buying The Extra Accessories

Try to purchase some extra accessories such as sunscreen lotion & first aid box for your skiing event.

Eat Well & Have Plenty Of Sleep

While hiking & skiing from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, you have to feed your stomach well & must have plenty of sleep to avoid altitude sickness as well as a pleasant trip on the mountain.

How To Conduct Yourself On Slopes

While skiing on the slopes, you have to learn some basic rules such as how to stop while skiing, tricks to control your speed, taking a round off/wide turns skillfully as well as using the techniques related to slowly progressing to the parallel & warm down techniques.

Morocco SKI Touring

Stay Positive

During your entire tours, don’t bring any negative thoughts even for a second because it might not only hamper your expedition but can also work as a big discourage so it will be wiser for you to stay in the shadow of good thoughts to succeed.

Always Focus On Basics

While on your hiking expedition, it will be better to always focus on the basics & ignore the temptation of indulging in a heroic act. Hikers who are not experienced must have to take more care.

Always Follow The Tips Given By Veterans & Professionals

Always follow the tips provided by professionals & veterans. Don’t try to act on your own by following the suggestion of your friends it will be very costly & deadly.

Skiing is a sport that needs lots of practice, training & learning and even if you are a novice, you need to know all the basics that are necessary for smartly going for a Ski Touring In Morocco. Don’t try it at home or without the supervision of experts you might not like how it might play out eventually. For more details, please visit us @

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