Ski Touring In Atlas

Morocco is loacted in North-West Africa, it can get significant snowfall during the year which stretches out to an elevation of 2000 m. Which offers guests an amazing complexity between the frigid mountains and the desert of Morocco.Ski visiting in the place where there is the Berber – the High Atlas of Morocco. A great blend of revelation, awesome skiing and social experience finishing in the ascent of 4,165m Mt. Toubkal, the most astounding mountain in North Africa. Superb crisp sustenance, mint tea and ski visiting with a donkey – not to be missed! The High Atlas offers for swashbucklers the chance to ski in soak halls . Climbing the crests more than 4000 m and dive on skis, then housed in havens and among nearby individuals. We offer treks relying upon your physical conditions and your desires; this sort of treks is intended for good and dexterous skiers who are physically fit. However, we can tailor make a ski visiting program that suits you.