Mountain Biking Destinations In Morocco

Atlantic Coast Region

The Atlantic Coast Region is a decent decision for cyclists throughout the entire year. This locale has a generally gentle atmosphere meaning it’s ideal for cycling regardless of when you visit Morocco.

There is an incredible street which twists all around the South coast of Casablanca, then Safi, Essaouira and Agadir.

There are likewise different streets which are not as intensely voyage including the Fez – Marrakesh streets which head right to the Atlantic. There are additionally 6 or 7 routes to Casablanca alone. As well as can be expected be found on the routes that offer the least immediate access to the enormous urban areas.

Rif Mountain Region

The Rif Mountain area incorporates the routes from Tetouan to Oujda and Melilla and furthermore the mountain range which goes toward the South. The Rif Mountain district is well known for hashish creation and in this way you are probably going to be badgering by hashish dealers. The police around this territory are additionally exceptionally suspicious of outsiders so despite the fact that this zone is amazingly beautiful, it isn’t prescribed for cycling.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains (which are comprised of the Moyen Atlas (Middle Atlas), the Haut Atlas (High Atlas) and the Anti Atlas) is an astonishing spot to ride as the view is marvelous and beautiful. However, this is a course that solitary the accomplished cyclist ought to share as the routes are spiked and extreme to ride. The Atlas Mountains has ignores well 2000m (around 6500 feet) and these routes are regularly shadowed by haze and in this way the perceivability around these territories is drastically diminished. If you are up for a test, cycling around this zone is certainly worth cycling around as it offers some extremely assorted, energizing and amazing perspectives and circles.

Inland Desert

This territory does not have that numerous streets, yet it is a remunerating spot to go cycling. This is on the grounds that there is a meager populace around there and they have not seen such a large number of travelers so they offer an increasingly characteristic and real accommodation. If you cycle from Midelt to Marrakesh you will pass some profound routes and this territory is likewise very picturesque as well. Bring enough water and nourishment however, as administrations around there are very constrained and know that temperatures here can go up to 40oC (104oF) in the more smoking months.

Western Sahara

For quite a long time this was a military zone which is slowly opening up again for movement since harmony understandings have been agreed upon. The zone is home to a huge number of unexploded mines and blasts have been known to happen which have caused passing and wounds. Travel around this region remains vigorously limited and people wishing to go around this region need to acquire data from the Moroccan Embassy in regards to freedom necessities.