Settled in the lower regions of the Rif mountains, around twenty miles from the Mediterranean coast, is Chefchaouen (some of the time just ‘Chaouen’). Known as ‘Morocco’s Blue City’ individuals visit from all around to stroll through the town and see the strikingly painted structures, back roads and even ways. After a downpour shower the wet blue dividers sparkle, and for the duration of the day the town shines in different shades from inconspicuous sea green/blue to distinctive Majorelle blue as the sun goes through the sky and the light changes. It’s a great encounter and a sight you’re probably not going to see anyplace else.

The exceptional intrigue of Chefchaouen goes past its prime mountainside area. Voyagers are entranced by the strange impression it leaves. The exteriors of its homes are painted blue and white, with the goal that the entire city has all the earmarks of being soaked in purplish blue. Strolling here has a craving for traveling through a fantasy.

But Chefchaouen is substantially more than only a pretty face. The city is loaded with attractions, on account of its rich legacy. Its medina is little, however authentic: walk around its rear ways to blend with local people and take in the scents of regular day to day existence, for example, bread hot out of the broiler and expertly arranged tagines. There is likewise the kasbah directly amidst the architecturally significant area, whose rich greenhouses are a cool shelter in the core of the city. The town’s exhibition hall is additionally worth a stop: look at its gathering of old fashioned weapons, photographs of the city and materials.

Its optimal setting implies Chefchaouen is additionally a heaven for explorers. The encompassing mountains are loaded with enticing strolling trails. Pick any of them and find a totally different, remote side of Morocco: the Rif Mountains.